Seamus:- After a bit of a rocky start he has made an amazing amount of progress.

He is now loyal, loving, very playful and too clever for his own good!!

He enjoys swimming every day!!!

I do a bit of tracking with him and he is good at doing man hunts.

He loves to play find the hidden empty cream pot which he then takes great delight in destroying!!

Seamus also enjoys lots of attention and cuddles. Especially with my daughter who he pushes against until she sits on the floor so he can then sit on her for a cuddle.

I have had Irish Setters all of my life and Seamus was the first I have had from the rescue.

It is a fantastic job the rescue people do but make sure you are prepared to give the rescue dog a good chance to settle into your home and for you to learn how to correct any issues you find you need to deal with.

I would say 3-6 months at least.

Seamus would have gone back into rescue if I had not been patient and persevered with him and helped him to learn to overcome his issues.

My family were key as they had to be happy to give him the time to do this.

Deborah Brown