Another happy ending story to tell you about. This gorgeous boy Seamus was adopted by Robbin and her family.

Seamus is blind in one eye, probably from an accident he had as a puppy, but you can hardly tell and it hasn’t stopped him at all 💕

In Robbin’s own words..and happy photos. We couldn’t pick one or 2 as they are all great. 

Two years ago, we rescued Seamus just before his first birthday, and after a tricky few weeks of learning his new house rules, he has become a very much  loved member of our family. It didn’t take long for Alfie, our eight year old Irish Setter, to take him under his wing and now they look out for each other as ‘brothers’ should.

It soon became clear that Seamus had not been walked very much in the countryside so the first challenge was to be able to walk him off lead. We had a breakthrough in Northumberland when he finally realised he was part of our ‘pack’ – he looked like he was running off  never to be seen again but came bounding back. The hard work with the 20 metre lead had paid off!

He has a quirky personality with a gentle nature and a big heart. Couldn’t imagine life without him!