Our Rescue Stories


Seamus:- After a bit of a rocky start he has made an amazing amount of progress.

He is now loyal, loving, very playful and too clever for his own good!!

He enjoys swimming every day!!!

I do a bit of tracking with him and he is good at doing man hunts.

He loves to play find the hidden empty cream pot which he then takes great delight in destroying!!

Seamus also enjoys lots of attention and cuddles. Especially with my daughter who he pushes against until she sits on the floor so he can then sit on her for a cuddle.

I have had Irish Setters all of my life and Seamus was the first I have had from the rescue.

It is a fantastic job the rescue people do but make sure you are prepared to give the rescue dog a good chance to settle into your home and for you to learn how to correct any issues you find you need to deal with.

I would say 3-6 months at least.

Seamus would have gone back into rescue if I had not been patient and persevered with him and helped him to learn to overcome his issues.

My family were key as they had to be happy to give him the time to do this.

Deborah Brown


“Polly came to me as a foster in 2015. She had been brought over from Ireland and had not had a very happy life! She quickly settled in and it didn’t take me long to decide to keep her. She’s a great hunter with zero recall but is such a loving little madam that it’s hard to be cross with her. She’s now around 10 and her joints are a bit arthritic but that doesn’t stop her flying around on a walk and she is a very fit and active little dog. Known in the family as Poll Doll I can’t imagine my life without her.”


Lizzie was one of the ISBC Rescue litter of2015. She was a gorgeous puppy and has grown into a lovely girl. Love her to bits…

“Sophie came to me in 2016 after her owner had died. She was a quiet and rather withdrawn dog, having lost everything and everyone she had ever known. She had been a show dog but quickly adapted to her new life and it didn’t take her long to transform into the very vocal and characterful girl she is today. She has made a full recovery from the cruciate op she had in May and is once again enjoying walks with the rest of my dogs. Beautiful girl, in every way ”

We adopted a very thin, scared Ronnie (other half of the Ron and Reg pin up puppies-red collar) from ISRANDR.  Ronnie developed cherry eye, had an infection of the cornea and then entropian in both eyes. Poor baby…so painful. He got through it and is now a very healthy, happy two year old who lives by the sea in Porthcawl with big brother Alfie. He loves to meet up with his other half Reggie who lives in Kent. Ron is now the most cuddley, loving setter and is a joy to live with. Thank you Aunty Karen for rescuing him x 


Barbara Pinkham

Flynn came to us in December 18, having come from a puppy farm. He had virtually no contact with humans, he was so frightened and totally shut down. If we spoke or stroked him he had a wee and was terrified of going outside. Luckily Molly, our 18 month old Irish took him under her wing and slowly but surely Flynn came out of his shell, he became a puppy in a 6 month old body!  I am not sure Molly was a good role model, but he has turned out to be a funny loving dog,  very gentle. Though a total thief, he love’s to pinch just about anything, but if you catch him in the act he drops whatever it is, walking away as of to say ” I have no idea how that got there”.  Been the number 6, means he has plenty of others to play with and has a mad half hour a couple of times a day. He has come a long way from that frightened little lad, we can not imagine life without him now.

Vanessa Long-Mason

Kensa, we got her a year past January from Karen at Irish Setter Rescue & Rehome, she was a timid shy girl when we got her with hardly any confidence, with lots of patience and love she has grown into the beautiful, confident and loving girl we have today, the care and support given by Karen has been second to none, her dedication and pure love for the dogs is amazing. We are so lucky to have Kensa and cant imagine life without our girl

Emma Ashworth

Keiren has settled really quickly into our family life. He loves his motorhome trips and holidays! He gets several walks a day but is not free running yet due to his fast sprint when he sees a bird, squirrel, rabbit or cat! We are starting to get used to having ‘snow’ in the house from all the stuffing from his toys. We have to be quiet when picking up his toys as he grabs them and runs away with them! He is fabulous with the grandchildren, they love him and he loves playing with them. He still tries getting on the bed and settee with no luck as they are no go areas. He goes loopy several times a day, which makes us laugh. He has become part of the family in such a short time and we are looking forward to a long and happy/hilarious life with him.

Lyn Smith