JJ Update

Another great news update, this time about JJ.
As a recap JJ came into rescue late last year, he obviously had some issues with his right hind leg and we discovered he needed a new hip. We knew it would be complicated and carry risks due to a previous accident but this lovely gentleman deserved the chance. After much discussion with orthopaedic surgeons in Rome and the UK we went ahead.
The first photo shows JJ with his new owners John and Sue, with his brilliant surgeon Tom. What a day this was, JJ was signed off totally by the vet, and was allowed to be off lead for the first time
Since his first run , he’s gone from strength to strength. He’s not in pain anymore and has the most wonderful life working in his new owners shop greeting the customers and having 4 walks a day.
John tells us he can’t believe how lucky he is to have JJ. we think JJ is the lucky one to have such a fantastic new family.