Harris Update

We had a lovely update from Phil, who adopted puppy Harris just a few days before the first lockdown. Harris was a cheeky little monkey and Phil has done very well with him. Here is what he said and some lovely photos below 😊
Hi Karen
Hope you are keeping well. I’ve had Harris for a year now so I thought I should give you an update on our progress.
Harris had his operation to remove the retained testicle at the end of January. He’s now fully recovered. The first several months were a bit of a struggle and at times I was asking myself have I done the right thing. I kept in contact with Jane and she was a big help with her support and advice and got me over the low points.
Harris has settled down a lot and is such a loving and friendly dog. He loves sitting on the sofa with his head on my lap. He also likes a bit of rough and tumble and is always ready for a bit of play fighting.
He loves his food and wolves it down. I think he’d eat 24/7 if he could. I often give him yogurt pots to lick and destroy. He’s the same with milk cartons containing treats.
His recall is really very good. The only problem I have is him racing towards other dogs. His lead walking is mostly good, but he does pull especially when he’s getting near the park.
I think it’s safe to say that Phil and Harris are both very happy.